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Crowned with the Laurel, the Sun removes all Sorrow

“Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of heaven as a child, he shall not enter therein.” – Jesus ben Joseph

Part 3 of 3. Click here for part 1.

Long past the illusion of a dazzling flame, under that starry sky of night, and an eerie moonlit fright, shadowy scales fall fast away, that we might become one with beatific light. Oh what joy permeating from one’s inner core, to no longer sleepwalk through fantasies lore. Still in the world but without its cloak, eyes without sleepy crust now fully awoke.

Our inner child awakens with unbiased eyes. We are released from the strictures of man-made disguise. Even the horse in which we ride remains unbridled and free. Neither do bodily cravings have control over you and me. We are pure radiating consciousness! Mind you this is but a temporary transition. Either we reunite with the collective of this earthly world or we transcend its polarity and binary whirl. It has been said that Yeshua spent 40 days in this luminous phase before his ascension. During this time he was able to appear here and there at will and without obstruction. Some call this our astral body and others by all sorts of names, but none of that really matters for the time being.

The point in case is that we are to experience a deconstruction of the ego self, both on the micro and macro level. During that dying process we all begin to intuit the significance of preparing ourselves for such a change. In truth this takes paramountcy to all other worldly goals but due to the proclivities of the beast and all the self-imposed values we fabricate to justify our appetites, we fall short—as in studying for an exam the night before and frolicking for the entire semester beforehand.

“Death and the stillness of death are the only things certain and common to all in this future! How strange that this sole thing that is certain and common to all, exercises almost no influence on men.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Because we neglect to prepare ourselves for death we inevitably suffer the samsaric consequence of morbidly reincarnating again and again and again… until we realize that we also have the freedom to ascend. From the early church fathers to the stewards of academia to the state’s psychiatric control system: we are jury-rigged from head to toe, and are either too duped and/or doped to know. In other words we are thwarted from making spiritual progress and are rendered deviant for even considering something other than the fiat optimism that keeps the masses happily oblivious of their indigestion. Paternalism says unless you are bent over like grazing cows then you are no child of mine.

The end of the tarot/torah journey reveals a woman dancing in midair surrounded by the four major zodiac symbols and a fully connected laurel leaf representing triumph over the human condition. Some soothsayers believe that she has the freedom to return to earthly life and help others with their maturation process or continue the journey through the cosmic realm. Either way it’s not really for me to say. Once our pocket of consciousness ceases to exist, then as waves along the shore, I am no more, as one we now subsist. Surely there is no need to make pretend, as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

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An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.

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