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Egoism and its Enlarged Byproduct

“Christianity was from the beginning, essentially and fundamentally, life’s nausea and disgust with life, merely concealed behind, masked by, dressed up as, faith in ‘another’ or ‘better’ life.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy

Why do we call a RC Sister a Nun? Because she isn’t getting none. If that one went over your head then you’re not missing out son. How so? For it’s a cross between being rude and crude. But Aristotle said that virtue exists between two vices yeah. By Charles you’re right, but there’s a night & day difference between cleverness and the art of life.

Those who fly too close to the sun need their wings clipped. Sort of like Jordan Peterson who ‘was ordered by the College of Psychologists of Ontario to undergo a coaching program on professionalism in public statements.’ True that, some feel that he is guilty of corrupting the youth and introducing a new notion of god. So he’s trying to play Socrates. Apparently so, there was even an attempt on his life but it’s going to take more than poison to put this fellow down.

Now in regards to clipping our wings, as in curtailing the excesses in life, is that always necessary to do; like are there not occasions when we need great profundity. Having a lot of knowledge and being wise are exceptionally distinct. It’s possible to bewilder others with excess knowledge, whereas profound insight implies synergizing the appropriate content that enables clarity and coherency. Knowing the difference between what is relevant and significant requires prudence; namely, virtue.

So virtue is not ‘knowledge’ per se, but has more to do with ‘knowing’ how to provide an appropriate response given the situation at hand, as well as actually performing the tareas with precision, and not just the contemplation of the act or the ability to talk about it like an academic philosopher. The virtue in particular that you are referencing is prudence.

An important sub-strand of prudence can be rendered as circumspection. For instance, as a member of a professional organization it may not be circumspect to share information to the public that can be easily misconstrued and misrepresent the standards of the said organization. Just as the King of England would appear fool hearty if he were to throw his crown repeatedly up into the air during a public event and yet could get away with it if he were playing with his grand children in the privacy of his castle, there is a time and place for everything under the sun.

Including Jordan’s sobbing fits whenever he speaks about his spiritual beliefs; it seems to be a lack of propriety don’t you think. Well that would depend on who you’re asking. It’s not uncommon for religious people to resort to irrationality when it comes to intimating their feelings about some vague conception of divinity. But does Peterson have any control over these displays or does he intentionally give into his erratic emotions so as to create an effect on his audience. As a behavioral psychologist he certainly has insight into how he is coming across to others doesn’t he. Perhaps he believes such theatrics is an effective way to win over others to his spiritual faith so he gives himself consent to such outbursts.

Either way it appears rather silly for a grown man to be acting this way in public. Like some hurt child looking for pity. Here’s an excerpt from one of his performances. Give it a thoughtful read before you watch it on YouTube:

“Sometimes… the objective world and the narrative world touch. You know that’s union synchronicity and I’ve seen that many times in my own life and so in some sense I believe it’s undeniable. We have a narrative sense of the world. For me that’s been the world of morality. That’s the world that tells us how to act. It’s real. Like we treat it like it’s real. It’s not the objective world but the narrative and the objective world touch and the ultimate example of that in principle is supposed to be Christ but I don’t know what to—ah—that seems to me oddly plausible. But I still don’t know what to make of it—it’s too—partly because it’s too terrifying a reality to fully believe.”

Now click here to watch how he gives melodramatics to such odd imaginings. This is undeniably ridiculous. Nothing more than inane prattle that reveals more about his neurosis than anything else. Perhaps if he were to actually read Nietzsche he might discover why he is so desperately fabricating his own meaning. But let’s give credit where credit’s due. F—k that! This sort of irrational pampering and consoling of those who lack much in the way of intelligence ought to be scoffed and exposed for the nonsensical rubbish it really is. It’s time for this cry baby to grow up!

It’s perfectly fine for youngsters to believe in Santa Claus and all that, but at some point we have to put such toys away if we are to truly embrace life. Alas, “the force that shapes the world,” according to Nietzsche, can be likened to “a playing child who sets down stones here, there, and the next place, and who builds up piles of sand only to knock them down again.” Such is the swirling nauseous narration of the Christian God, constantly setting things up and breaking it down, from Noah’s flood to the end of days, constipation at its finest.

For Christ sake Peter-&-son at the pearly gates, stop feeding the masses this utter bullshit. Just because you can’t figure out why you are feeling so baffled and terrified doesn’t give you the right to propagate lies and deception. Keep your delusions to yourself and should your circle jerks spread out into society then expect it to be resisted. Do you really think the rest of us are going to left our legs up to Jesus and moan for you! [Astrologically speaking: Venus happens to be squaring Uranus from the 9th house of the writer’s natal chart this month.]

Ok, you are clearly being rude, if not crude, so let us temper our words for the sake of keeping our head shall we. Humans have the right to be stupid eh, as well as believe in whatever floats their boat. How else could we exercise Freedom of Speech? But does this liberty of the state enable us to undermine others?

A timely question indeed. Have you stopped to consider all the belittling remarks that Jordan has stated about our Prime Minister and how that permeates cynicism in the hearts and minds of the populous. Why should the youth take Canada’s Parliamentary Democracy seriously, especially when we have a latter day prophet authoring & dictating the ‘Rules of Life’. But surely we are one-&-all free to speak our mind without fear of losing our head, regardless of what the Supreme Authority of Law has said?

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