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Party Smart: Put the Goat before the Cart

Apollo and Dionysus by Leonid Ilyukhin

“Like wildfire, the madness of the wine god brought with it a glimpse of the world that lies outside the Apollonian and a new solution that promised to reconcile man with nature in a mystical primordial unity.” – Antonis Chaliakopoulos

Good Morning Canadian Sherry, I spent last night putting back vodka mixers and even drank a bit more than usual on purpose as an experiment. You see, one of the health stores I frequent has been selling anti-hangover pills for several years and customers can’t get enough of them, so I decided to try it and see for myself. Here it is the next day and I am without any signs of a hangover.

Unlike other anti-hangover products, this particular one is completely herbal. GNC also carries them but the manager told me that they are all sold out within days of receiving them in store. Anyhow, they are called Party Smart. They are sold as an individual pill for $3.99 plus tax or you can purchase them in a pack of 12 for $36.99 through Amazon if no one is selling them in your neck of the woods. Definitely worth trying. You never know when they might come in hand. There are also tons of customer reviews online. Here’s one that stands out:

“I recommend taking it after a wild night, this magic pill will cleanse your body of alcohol and help you sleep deeply and provide your body with the minerals and vitamins lost due to excessive alcohol consumption and avoid the problem of nausea, vomiting, decreased blood circulation and fatigue associated with excessive alcohol consumption.” (Posted on Jun 28, 2023

On the other hand, the manufacturer recommends taking them before you begin drinking but I am inclined to caution you against it. Why? Because it’s likely you will want to drink more, especially if your body can handle it and you are without fear of a hangover the next day. Whereas, if you take it at the end of your drinking session, it may not have enough time to counter the effects of excessive alcohol intake, so falling asleep could be a bumpy ride so to speak. Now being an advocate of the golden-mean by nature, I believe it’s best to take the pill half ways through ones drinking session, which is what I did last night and am now able to share my insight.

Your Royal Crown & One Eyed Jack,

Jason the Philosopher Muse

PS: Half of our lives are spent in sleep. Apollo can only claim half of us. Finding cohesion between the conscious and unconscious, the sun and the moon, can be likened to the assimilation of clarity and dream. So we wake and fade. Concentrate and chill. Spend too much time in any mode of existence and we crash, or get rash. For instance, the naïve tells Bacchus to get behind them. One gets smashed and the other rash. Baa baa!!

PSS: The self-righteous turn everything into its polar, while psychopaths bend them over; i.e., bend their will into pliable slaves. Christians fail to see how much evil they are projecting into the fabric of life and so the world fades back into night; the sheep dwindle and the wolves get hungry. Ah, imagination upon the wings of the night! How frightful! How delightful!

PSSS: Night & day remain as one said Heraclitus, the most ambiguous of poet philosophers, and yet it doesn’t get any more clear than queer—the Pope lifts a cup of wine to heaven transforming it into the Blood of Christ to wash away our tears, while Dionysus says better to embrace your tears, drink up and have a good time, perfectly happy to rock or roll with the rhyme.

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An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.

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